by: Garry Desmarais
Making Money with ClickBank you must remember when choosing Extremely popular products that you will have a hard time making any sales because all the top marketers are promoting the same product and they have a lot more resources then you might have and they’ll beat you out.

Therefore, making money at home for you would mean knowing how to choose what’s popular, but not too popular. For someone just starting out, you might want to choose a product where gravity is about 60-100, and $/sale is more than $20.00.

The stats for the products are shown on the product page on the clickBank website. I know of a lot of people making big money using ClickBank and Clickbank Elite.  I just started using it myself. With ClickBank Elite I can download updates and new products daily. I know using ClickBank Elite I have a huge advantage over other affiliates that are not yet using it.

However, with a solid background in internet marketing, and a knowledge of what products to choose based on the criteria mentioned above, then you will still be making money at home with Clickbank without using Clickbank Elite. I’ve made a lot of money over the years using ClickBank and I highly recommend you give it a try