conversionIncreasing your conversion rate is a great way to increasing your bottom line. If you can increase your conversion rate, you can increase the revenue that is brought into your business. It is much easier, in my opinion, to increase your conversion rates than to increase your traffic. Actually, if you can increase your conversion rate and your traffic you will be in a very good situation. So, it is essential that you focus on testing every element of your webpage. The better you can get your webpage to convert, the more money you are going to make. It is simply that easy. In this article I want to talk about three key components to increasing your conversion rates. These are not the only component you need to test, but it will give you a good start. So, without further ado let’s get started. 1. Headline In my opinion, the headline is the most important aspect of your webpage. Without a good headline the visitor will not even start to read your webpage. If the visitor does not read your webpage, how are you going to make sales? So, it only makes sense that you need to start testing your headline. Testing your headline will be the very first thing you test and the very last thing you test. This is what I mean by that. I usually start out by testing the headline. Once I start increasing my conversions with the headline, I will start testing other aspects. After I start converting at a higher rate with other aspects I will go back to the headline. If I can get the body of the sales page to convert, I then want to start working on the headline to get more people to read it. This has seemed to work very well for me. 2. Layout Testing the layout and style of your webpage is a great way to increase conversions. Many people will tell you that there are different widths and things of that nature that convert better. But, it is up to you to test and confirm these theories. So, with that said let me give you one. I have tested and found to be truthful. If you set the table with that your sales letter is in between 600 pixels and 620 pixels it seems to convert better. That is from my testing. So, you’ll want to test that theory yourself. 3. Graphics Most people will assume that having a pretty website converts better. Well, sometimes that is not the case. I have seen completely ugly websites convert like gangbusters. Then, when pretty graphics were added the conversion rates went down. The copy status thing, but the graphics were change. So, you must always test your graphics. Just because you think they look pretty does not mean that they convert. This is one thing that most people overlook and this is very important in my opinion. So, make sure you test your sales letter with graphics and without. Make sure you test your graphics with other graphics. Click here to watch my $97.00 Value “Conversion Killer Strategy” Training Video for Free. This is a limited time offer so watch it now!