If you’re just starting out in the affiliate marketing world I know that it can be very overwhelming as there is just so much to learn. In fact I think one of the main reasons why a lot of people fail in their initial efforts online is because they are bombarded by so much info and technical stuff that they simply give up before they get a chance to realize their online business dreams.



If any of this sounds familiar to you at the moment there is help.


At we provide you with the best methods to getting your new business up and running in the shortest period of time, at a cost anyone can afford.

This is one of the programs I used when I was first starting out in Affiliate Marketing and it helped me immensely.


IM 4 newbies is an a easy to follow 26 part video series where you can watch over the shoulder of Aaron Danker as he demonstrates his simple yet proven system for earning a substantial income online as an affiliate marketer, even if you have no technical or marketing knowledge. you can get immediate access to the videos by going here 


When I initially came across the website I was pleased to hear that I was not going to need any of the following to make this course work for me including my own product, a list, name recognition or any joint venture partners. All I needed to do was to follow the videos step by step in order to start making money. As I moved through the videos step by step I learned many techniques and methods to make money online that were missing in previous programs I had bought, including how to navigate my way through click bank, how to find a ripe product and how to know what kind of free site to use to make sure that I get ranked and get traffic coming to my affiliate offer. As I worked my way through the modules I also picked up invaluable info on free website creation, social bookmarking and the right way to do article marketing to get real results online. I also learned how to do video marketing for even more sales.

When I first started out online I had been waiting for a product to come along that could take me step by step through all the areas I needed to cover to start making money. What I like about Aaron’s ‘Affiliate Marketing For newbies’ is that it covers everything you need to know to made real money without all the usual hype and exaggerated claims. I believe it’s ideal for anyone who is just starting out or for someone who is not getting anywhere fast at the moment and would like to cover the basic building blocks of successful affiliate marketing that could change things around for them.



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