Blogging For Beginners

These tips to blogging for beginners will change the way you blog.
Blogging is a famous activity for people to use to earn online. If you are new in blogging, or want to turn your blog into a source of income, these tips to blogging for beginners, and suggestions will change the way you blog.

Every blog owner like you, even those who are beginners in blogging, want people to visit their blog. There are hundreds and thousands of blogs on the web and increasing everyday. So how to get your blog to pass this competition and be visible to people interested in your topic, even if you are just beginning to blog?

Content is King

If we measure the credibility of a blog, the content of the blog is the most important and effective element. If content of your blog is informative and interesting, it will get natural admiration and people will come back to read your new posts.

This is key if your interested in learning what blogging for beginners is all about.

But good content will not bring remarkable traffic if it is not well optimized. This optimization could be achieved by following the directions stated below.


Make your titles catchy and effective in terms of user search. It will be right if we say that 90% of traffic to any website come from the search engines. you have to make your posts prominent in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Make a keyword research and choose 3 to 5 words (long tail) keywords to use in your blog titles. It will bring the target traffic to your website.

Alternative Titles

Search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing use your titles and description while indexing your blog pages. There are some restriction of character limit of titles with search engines and article directories. So use alternate titles and use them in following headings throughout the blog post.


Keywords for your particular business niche are most important element to get search engines traffic. Extremely important for the beginners of using a blog. Make a keyword research using the available free tools like Google adword keyword tool and get a list of a few keyword phrases ( 2 to 5 word long). Use these keyword phrases throughout your post. An acceptable amount of keywords in your posts may range from 2 to 7 percent of the total length of blog post.

Blog Post Length
There are no fixed rules for the length of a blog post or article. A typical blog post length should be 250 to 400 words. This rule is taken from some best article directories. Keep it simple and to the point. Write like you are taking to a friend.

A tip for those who are beginners at blogging,
yOU, yOUR, and yOUR”S are the most important words in your blog, if you are representing a product, or idea that will bring you a monetary profit if they buy or use it.

Blog Template
Make a template to record all the necessary data about your blog posts, keywords, links, images and videos.

So their it is a starter course for blogging for beginners.

KISS it.
Keep It Simple Smiley.

Jeffrey Randolph