list buildingInternet marketers believe that the money is in the list. Once you finish reading this section, you will realize exactly why is it said to be so?

What Is List Building?
List building in its basic form is the process of collecting email addresses of people who you wish to target in your niche. It is basically an act of building a list of your potential customers who you can send emails with an aim of making them interested in your products or services.

Here are two essential things that list building reԛuires:
1. An email marketing/lead capture service (also known as an autoresponder).This service stores the details of the list and then sends emails. There are many such user friendly services, but I will really recommend you to use getresponse.com. It’s the best service I have discovered so far. And if you are interested in the “landing page” option, this will be the best service for you.

2. A squeeze page/opt-in form on your website. All of you would have come across a page that asks you to enter your name, email address and other details to get access to an e-book, a newsletter or any other freebie. Such pages are known as opt in pages/forms.

How Does List Building Work?

In its most basic form, this is how list building works:

1. First of all you register for an autoresponder service. Getresponse.com is the go to company here. There is other alternatives as well. Like aweber, which is also a big autoresponder company.

2. Then you build an opt in page and put it on your website. (you can do that within getresponse.com, or you can build one yourself)

3. you write an e-book or outsource it to someone to write it for you and offer it as an incentive to people to join your list. Besides e-books, you can also offer a free report, a course or any other attractive offer.

4. Once people subscribe to your list, you will have their details which will enable you to send them articles, news, updates and other product offers.

Why Would you Want To Build A List?

There is no denial that you can make money online even without making a list. If the niche is time sensitive, making a list may not work that well, however, in every niche that you make a list you will get more profits than others.

The biggest reason for building a list is that it increases chances of repeat sales while at the same time minimizes the chances of a lost sale. When a visitor comes to your website, reads reviews and leaves, you do not have any measure to make sure that he comes back to you and makes a purchase.

now imagine the case where you have got the visitor sign up for your email list. The fact that they have signed up for your email list means that they have read the free report that you offered them. This bears ample testimony to the fact that they have started trusting you as a reliable information provider. When you send them a few more informational emails, the buyer resistance starts to decline. Finally when you send the email pitching for sale which goes all out to convince the potential customer, you ultimately make a sale. The story does not end here with a single sale. Since you have their email, you can repeat the entire process with another product that you think your potential customer may be interested in. In a nutshell, building an email list makes it easier to conclude an initial sale and much simple to repeat the sale.

One more reason why list building is important is that it increases the longevity of your affiliate marketing business. If you tend to rely entirely on the traffic that comes to your website to make a sale you will soon find the traffic as well as sales drying up. In case you have made a list, you have a huge database of potential customers who you can bank upon until your traffic picks up again.

Having understood what list building is and what are its benefits, let us see some useful list building tips:

1. Create a winning squeeze page.

The opt in page or the sԛueeze page is a very essential element of the entire list building process. A good page will give you more number of customers compared to an unconvincing one. The sԛueeze in page needs to have a bold headline, be clear and be able to sell the benefits of the e-book or the newsletter that you are giving away.

2. Add opt-in forms to the bottom of every article on your site.

It is wise to attach a discrete opt in page underneath every article on your website. This can result in a large number of subscribers especially if the article is of high ԛuality and gets a lot of traffic.

3. Don’t sell with every email.

The temptation to sell may be very huge and you may want every mail to have a sales element. However, this results in a lot of people unsubscribing from your list which reduces your sales. It is recommended to focus more on giving free information rather than pitching for a hard sale initially. A good strategy is to divide the emails into thirds. Send two third emails with only information and pre-sell information and send the rest one third with intent to hard-sell.

4. Make sure you’re complying with all relevant laws.

It is important to know the relevant laws on list building and complying with them. In case you bypass a law even if out of ignorance, you could land up with serious penalties. Different countries may have different rules on link building and emailing activities. It certainly pays to be conversant with the law.

5. Surprise your subscribers with extra freebies.

Keep sending some extra freebies every now and then to your subscribers. These freebies may include a free mini report, an eBook or an exclusive article. This will go a long way in building trust between you and your subscriber. you can either find a PLR product in your niche to give away or just outsource something cheap and simple.

By now you would certainly be convinced about the fact that list building has a lot of power to boost your sales. It is important that you follow the above mentioned tips to allow your list building activity boost your profits by increasing your sales.

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