18157177-new-product-launchyup, you’ve read that right. This is not about your product! And yes, you’ve spent years and years, and a life savings on making the perfect product — but that’s not where your journey ends. How well do these statements resonate with you:

– you know, you just know, you’re product is amazing and it should sell like wild fire
– you’re an expert in your area so people must want to buy your stuff
– It’s taken you years and a life savings, so your product must be perfect for people
– your product is perfect for everyone
– you can’t think of a reason someone wouldn’t want to buy from you

If you’ve been saying these things to yourself you’ve got a problem — and it’s cash flow! Those statements are keeping you broke, and your product unsold. I’m not going to get into the specifics on all those issues here (it would take too long), so the short answer is, all those issues are deal killers. All of them are flawed logic and just plain wrong.

It’s not about the product! It’s about the prospect! It comes down to market research and problem identification!

So the real question is: how do you launch your new product to make a ton of sales on launch day?

your Product Sales Are Dependent On This One Thing…

Finding out what people want, and giving it to them! Look, it’s not about how many cool things you’re product can do for people. It’s about how good you can identify with the problems you’re prospects have and fill in solutions with your product.

Launching a new product is about having a conversation with people, and showing them you care. Letting them you know you understand their situation, and that you can give them what they want.

The launch process itself is really an education. It’s about educating people on their problems, the conseԛuences of their problems, and then getting them excited about being able to solve those problems.

Here’s How A Launch Works

The first step is market research where you find out what your prospects want, and where they are hurting. Then you craft the solution around that research.

The next step is to build an email list. Do this via traffic generation or through joint ventures. The key with the list is not size, but quality. It’s about relationships here, not spam!

The next step is building up excitement, and you do this by sending out teaser bits of information (to the email list). you do this by addressing problems (from the market research phase), and then giving them mini solutions (maybe a report or a video).

Then people start to pay attention because you’re addressing their problems and giving great solutions. next you start amping it up, where you introduce you’re story (how you made the product or how you’re just like them with the same problems).

Once people start relating to your story, then you start talking about objections people have. you do this on your blog, and it’s very non-discrete. This way you handle objections before they reach the sales page.

Throughout this process you also inject psychological sales tactics like social proof and scarcity. These drive the excitement leading up to launch day, when you finally launch your product and make a ton of sales.

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