squeeze page

The singular purpose of every online marketer is to attract visitors to his site/blog with the intention of turning them to customers. However, it is a known fact that a first time visitor to your site/blog won’t turn to your customer instantly; there must be a way to establish means of communicating with the visitor after his first visit and the most effective way to do this is by collecting his email address (and name – you should never ask for more than these, otherwise you turn the visitors away) so that you can communicate with him later.

Conseԛuently, you must create a squeeze page with the singular purpose of creating mailing lists of targeted visitors that you can sell your products to.

Mailing lists enable you to establish relationship with your subscribers so that you can easily and effectively sell to them later.

It is worthy of note that when it comes to creating effective and profitable sԛueeze page many online marketers are not getting it right. Probably you are one of them but don’t despair because I am going to show you in simple and clear language the effective approach to create sԛueeze pages that bring an avalanche of visitors to your mailing list.

Foremost your headline must be punchy and effective. Since it is the headline that the visitors would first see upon landing on your sԛueeze page, then it is imperative that you write a headline that promises something of high value to the visitors with the need to act immediately or lose it which they might not be able to get elsewhere. your headline must compel the visitors to give you their email address in exchange for something valuable. Similarly, the sub-headlines must re-emphasize and stress your promise and the need to act immediately rather than later. People act immediately when they are faced with the element of fear of losing something valuable through inaction.

Give your visitors the call to action (that is signing up) at the top fold of your squeeze page and also at the bottom of the page. Let the call to action be the last thing the visitor would see when he is about to leave your page. This is to remind the visitor of what exactly you want him to do in case he has forgotten that between the time he comes to your page and the time he is leaving.

Most people are visual and as such they are drawn to attractive graphics and images. Therefore, you must use relevant graphic box and images that represent the exact offer you have for the visitor on your sԛueeze page. However, ensure that whatever graphic you are using can load quickly so that the visitors don’t get frustrated waiting for your page to load. The main thing here is: relevance and moderation.

you only have a couple of seconds to capture your viewers attention and then their gone for good. A very effective way of doing that is placing talking model on your squeeze pages. When the page loads and the model begins their spiel, the visitor will stop to listen. They’ll take their click finger off the trigger just long enough to look around and get interested in your offer.

you must ensure that you do not give the visitors the option of moving away from your site/blog to external link. The visitors either sign up on your sԛueeze page or leave. Don’t provide links to your home page or any other page on your web site because that is not the purpose of your sԛueeze page, doing so would reduce the rate at which people sign up with you.

There is no doubt that Squeeze page is a veritable tool to build your mailing lists that you can market to over and over again when you do it right. Simply follow the steps enumerated above and test different versions of these approach (for instance, you might try different graphics and placement of your opt in or sign up form). If you do this right, the result will amaze you.

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