images (1)If you’ve been around internet marketing for any amount of time, you’ll know that online success is really a numbers game.

The more websites you have, the more traffic you get and the more products you sell, you’re going to make more money.

The same thing goes with building a list. The more traffic you get and the higher your opt-in conversion rate is, the more subscribers you’ll get on your list.

So how do you increase those two key factors of traffic and conversions?

First, let’s take a look some easy ways to increase your sԛueeze page traffic.

Ways to Increase Traffic

* Ad swaps with non-competitive marketers
* Banner advertising
* Form JV partner deals
* Run and share Tele-seminars
* Run an Affiliate program
* Run a JV giveaway
* Buy leads
* Buy PPC ads
* Buy solo-ads
* Backlinks
* Articles
* Guest blog posts
* Viral marketing
* Social site and forum marketing
* Podcasting and being a guest speaker

There are a whole lot more methods to use to increase squeeze page traffic, but this list is full of some of the better ones especially aimed at list building.

If you wanted to, you break down the methods into sub categories such as, with SEO, you would focus on optimizing your site for keywords and then get backlinks.

For viral marketing, you could use rebrandable PDF reports or create a competition to get people to spread the word about your website.

Ways to Increase Opt-In Conversions

* Make a “sԛueeze” page type website

* Have your photo or small business logo on the sԛueeze page to look more trustworthy

* Split test different versions of your sԛueeze page i.e. headlines, opt-in forms

* Having a good ‘hook’ or free offer to get subscribers

* Add opt-in forms to all your web pages

* Add testimonials from happy customers or subscribers

* Remove distractions such as links and ads

* Use a pop-up or exit pop

* Make sure your page loads fast

Again, there are a lot more ways to increase conversions of your opt-in rate, but this list contains some of the most effective ways.

If I had to pin point the number one thing for increasing conversions, it would be to get an irresistible offer or ‘hook’ to get people to subscribe now. This is also known as the USP (uniԛue selling proposition).

your USP is most important because if you have a lousy USP/offer, it doesn’t really matter if your website looks good; people won’t want to give you their email address.

List building is really simple when you break down these two keys and focus on individual ways to increase website traffic and conversions.