skin2-screenshot3Using video on your blog is a good way to keep it interesting. you can both inform and entertain your blog followers by incorporating video onto your blog. It is important to keep some basic rules in mind in order to make it effective.

Video Hosting

Some blogs allow you to post video directly on your blog by first uploading the file to the blog’s server. The file will then be embedded in your posting so your readers can click on the video and watch it.

you can also host videos on youTube. This is a very common practice and is perfectly acceptable. Basically you want to create a youTube account that will be used for all the videos you want to use on your blog.

The major blogs have an easy process for adding a youTube video to a blog posting. Typically all you need to do is copy and paste the URL of the video into the blog posting editor. Some specifically have an icon you can use to add a youTube video to a posting with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

Video – What is Appropriate?

your goal is not to add video for the sake of adding video. you want to make sure the videos you choose make sense for your blog. They should appeal to your target market and be relevant based on the content you typically put on your blog.

It is perfectly acceptable to add youTube videos created by and posted by other people. you can credit the source though there is typically no specific need to.

If you are going to add other people’s videos to your site you want to watch them carefully and make sure there is nothing inappropriate in the video. Watch it several times to make sure. you do not want to be embarrassed by having video on your site that has something inappropriate in it.

Video – How Many is Too Many?

There is really no definitive number of videos that can be considered too many. It will depend on your blog and the videos you are adding. Short video clips tend to be better than longer clips.

A good rule of thumb is to only add one or two videos per posting. More than that can become confusing or cumbersome.

Go ahead and experiment with video on your blog and see how your followers react.


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