One way anyone can make money doing Internet work from home is writing and submitting articles. This is known as article marketing and continues to be a way that anyone with a little bit of ambition can make money on the Internet.

Here are five steps to doing article marketing in the right way.

1. Write articles of 400 words or more. We choose this number because most article directories want articles of over 400 words.

your article should be something that a reader would find interesting. All you have to do is look around you to see what people are interested in.

Every article should include a resource box which is basically a classified ad about yourself and your product. The resource box should include a link back to the product you are selling.

Getting the click through from the resource box at the bottom of the article to a web page is how you drive traffic and make sales.

2. Submit your articles to the top article directories. your articles need to be online where people can find them.

you can manually submit to the top article directories. you can also use a submission service to reach multiple article directories with one click.

3. Post your articles in your blog. Hopefully you have a blog and are updating it with fresh content.

you can take your article and shorten it little bit and post it in your blog. Blog articles do not need to be a specific length and this is a way to make them a little bit different from the articles you are submitting to article directories.

4. Bookmark your blog posts to the top social directories. Search engines love to find your blog posts and social directories.

These can also be a good source of traffic to your blog.

Using a service such as Social Marker or Only Wire is a good way to reach multiple directories with one submission.

5. Create article videos and submit them. There are websites that will convert articles into videos. An example of this would be article video robot.

Because more people are searching for things via video having an article video gives you a chance to increase your traffic. These are easy to create because the service converts them for you.

you will also submit to a handful of the top video sharing sites such as you Tube and others with this program.

If you would take the time to learn how to do article marketing correctly you will find it a very effective way to do Internet work from home. Articles can bring your long term traffic and are a good source of quality traffic to your website where you can sell products.