By Garry Desmarais


It’s about that time of year when the internet marketing forecasts start coming out, even though we’re just about ready to get into October. nevertheless, just like a good marketing strategy, you always give the users what they want-especially when they don’t even know they want it! With that said, here’s our top three internet marketing trend predictions for 2014.

1.  Little KISSes Will Go a Long Way

KISS, you know it and love it-Keep it Simple Stupid. KISS is going to be the prevalent marketing strategy.  Simplistic messages are going to have a bigger impact over in-depth marketing messages.  This flies directly in the face of Google’s In-Depth articles, and we make no qualms about it.  Google constantly gets things wrong and they have it wrong here again.

Take a look at the biggest brands out there-Apple, Pinterest, heck, even Google itself.  These brands are sending a clean, simple marketing message that is non-intrusive and doesn’t bombard their consumers with too much self-promotion or extraneous information.  Like Joe Friday used to say, “Just the facts, ma’am.”

Why is this?  Because the people are connected to the marketing world
almost 24-hours a day.  At work and home on the computers and television and everywhere in between on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. There is a sensory overload going on right now so simplicity is going to gain the most traction when it comes to making the conversion and pushing goods and products.

2.  The Mobile Revolution will Explode

you’ve heard about the mobile revolution being on the cusp of taking
over for the past year and a half, but 2014 is the year when it finally gains full control.  Companies, marketers and everyone in between now understand that mobile searches are the new King of Query.  It’s the reason why responsive website design has become so large and the best reason for marketers to start changing the way they think about optimizing and presenting the information on their websites.

Expect to lose customers to competition if you aren’t taking into
consideration the way your website looks and the experience it provides on every medium-PCs, Macs, Tablets, Androids, Smartphones, etc.  Do it now since in 2015 it will be too late/hard to play catch-up.

3.  Re-targeting Ads Becomes an Effective Method

While the word “cookies” still scares the heck out of a lot of Internet
users, there really is no two ways around them with most modern browsers
and websites.  People don’t know they want the cookies, but they get
them anyways.  Marketers are using these cookies to track their users’
websites and then re-targeting the ads to the same users later on when
they visit other websites.  It’s fairly genius and completely innocuous. The re-targetted ad simply seems like your product or service is very popular.

This takes care of a few problems facing internet marketers today.  For starters, only 2% of conversions take place on the first visit,  according to most numbers.  A re-targeted ad simply puts the notion back into the consumer’s head that the product or service is still out there, triggering a better conversion rate.  The “oh, I forgot about that”response as we like to call it.  We’ve all had them and even though we might intend to buy something, we forget about it or hesitate to bookmark it.  Last year, the trend was to remind people what is in their shopping cart-this year, we believe it will go one step further with ad re-targeting.  Of course, it also boosts brand recognition.

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