Taking up a brand from scratch to top is quite an intricate and grueling task, especially in the online market which is highly competitive. Online marketing is all about circulating brand awareness and this can be even daunting if you lack some of the effective tricks of internet marketing. Below are the few simple yet valuable tricks that can help you reach the goal of brand awareness.

Practice Pay Per Click (PPC)
PPC or pay per click is a great way of branding. However, at times it is expensive. But you can plan as per your budget. For companies with larger budget, top tier pay per click networks are there, such as Google, MSn, yahoo, etc. Those with budget constraint can go either for Google, 2 tier and 3 tier network groups. Putting effort in finding better keyword can also help you get optimum exposure. Find those keywords that are not enormously competitive yet are heavily trafficked. This will reduce the cost of PPC.

Go for conversational marketing
The more you communicate the more responses you get. To do this there is nothing better than leverage sites, which publishes sponsored reviews on its site to create online viral buzz for your brand. Joining forum will also help to get adequate responses. Besides, you can join online groups like Google and MySpace. Blogging is another means to spread brand awareness.

Add creative videos
Videos are the best way to attract maximum traffic to your site.

Adding funny videos or tutorials at the site you are marketing to is likely to provide better results. To make it more effective you can cut the video and include branding at the beginning. Viewers will surely wait and watch your branding part before they watch the main video.

Do Social Media Marketing
This is the most sought after mode of marketing. However, you have to be very ethical to maintain your authenticity. In social medial marketing, the more you are active the more you can promote your brand. If you want better result, it is suggested to create and manage accounts in fewer network sites than too many at a time. Creating less account makes them easy to handle. Besides, you can also initiate online social bookmarking campaigns.

There are many more similar online marketing tricks to optimize brand promotion. you just need to do extensive research on web and you will be flooded with ideas. Just execute these techniques and you are sure to get enormous responses from clients.