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Can you Actually Get Visitors To your Site For $0.01 Or Is Mass PPV Traffic Just A Load Of Hot Air??..

It must be one of the most frustrating, confusing and costly things about running an online business of any sort – what am I talking about?

Getting traffic of course!

How many guides have we seen on the endless ways to scrape free traffic from around the web, or how to nurse our cash draining Adwords campaigns back to good health...the battle for traffic rages on, and you would not be blamed for thinking that the only ones winning are the people who sell guides on how to get more of the stuff.

But one thing is for sure – the traffic is out there, so why can't we have it! There is more traffic floating around on the web than any amount of competition can handle, even in the most competitive niches.

So if the traffic is not coming to us, where is it going, and how can we get in front of it? After all, without traffic, you don't have a's impossible to make money when nobody is even on your site.

What Is 'Mass PPV Traffic' All About?

Mass PPV Traffic was created by Bobby Walker, Adeel Chowdhry and KrisTrujillo. All of these guys are pretty well known as product creators and have a large following of rabid buyers every time they release something.

Adeel and Bobby's last product was Mass Article Creator, which was really high quality and useful, so this gave me confidence in their new guide, Mass PPV Traffic.

Basically, Mass PPV Traffic shows you how to drive traffic to your site using the power of PPV (Pay Per View) traffic for a very low price. How low? Well, sometimes it can be around $0.01 per visitor, and rarely more than $0.10.

Compared to PPC traffic, this is obviously an exciting prospect, because instead of paying $1 to $5 per click with so many keywords in PPC, you can get targetted traffic for mere pennies.

This is an under exploited, untapped area of online advertising, and the potential traffic is into the millions. So let's see whether Mass PPV is the guide worth buying, to teach you how to tap into this traffic goldmine...or if it's just a load of hype and false promises.

Who Is It Right For?

All in all, I would say that it is geared towards people that know nothing about PPV or maybe even internet marketing.

Of course, you can't play this particular game without a budget, so for those who can't afford rent and are looking for an emergency method for quick cash, this is most definately not for you.

On the other hand, for the marketer with a couple of hundred bucks and who is sick and tired of the usual overpriced, overcomplicated advertising methods and traffic strategies that are getting old and inaffective, then Mass PPV Traffic is going to go down well for you.

All this and more can be found inside Mass PPV Traffic

Our no.1 Choice:

Mass PPV Traffic

Good Points:

tick Fast and easy. not to mention the fact that you can get seriously cheap traffic too. Recommended for intermediate marketers.

tick Training is simple and there is no fluff or filler content.

tick If you implement this system you WILL make money. Maybe not $100,000 per month but a full time income is certainly and easily achievable.

tick Small asking price, certainly in my opinion anyway.

tickBacked by a full 8 week guarantee.


Bad Points:

tick your results will vary depending on your own website's quality. Again, that's all in the training, and you don't need a really fancy website to make this work. In fact, the more simple, the better.

tick The forum is a bit empty. It would be nice to have a bit more interaction from other members, and share ideas and findings.

tick May need some prior experience in list building for best results. This is not essential, but the better you are at getting people to take action, I think will dicate your success with this system.

Our no.1 Choice:

Mass PPV Traffic

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