neverGiveUp2no matter what you are trying to do in life, if the achievement reԛuires a huge input of effort it can be difficult to continue with it, especially if you do not see results within a short period of time. Very few people have the patience required to just continue on and on with any project if they cannot see at least a tiny shred of improvement along the way. The sheer heartbreak of repeated attempts and repeated failures can be too much to bear. This applies to any situation in life, not just the internet marketing world where you are attempting to create an online business and make money from home. Anything that requires effort will give you feelings of despair when it does not pay off after the expected time. But if you do give up then you have guaranteed your failure. At least when you constantly try you have a chance of success, but if you do not try then there is not even a hope attaining your goal. no matter how hard it feels to constantly try and constantly fail, you must never ever stop aiming for your goal. Even if it takes a lifetime of effort before you get the thing you covet, you cannot allow yourself to stop. you must be narrow minded, relentless and even stubborn frankly speaking. If you have a mind that is practically oblivious to all distractions and the outside world, then you have an extremely good chance of succeeding in your endeavours. you cannot be bargained with, you cannot be reasoned with and you absolutely will not stop! Admittedly that last line was inspired by a character in a film (I’m sure you know which one) but that is the type of character you must base yourself on. you must have no thought in mind other than your target. Allow film and TV characters to inspire you if they can, but do not allow yourself to get depressed when at the end of the film or TV show they have achieved their goal and you have absolutely no idea where to even begin. Simply start again and put more effort in. If what you try does not work then try something different. If you have a competitor that achieves something you want to achieve then follow the same format they used and try to mimic their results. Above all else fight with all you have got to achieve your goal and never give up. Only you know if you haven’t tried as hard as you could have done, and you then have to live with the guilt of knowing that you did not try hard enough when the going got tough. This article does not just apply to those who wish to setup their own business online making money from the internet; it applies to anyone that wants to change their present situation. So whatever you want, start trying again right now!