cooltext115767058412479How would you like to have your own line of software all with your own name, business, and website linked to the software? That is exactly what rebrandable software is. Many people overlook the great online website business of selling your own line of software or using your own software to promote your already established business. The best think about rebrandable software is you don’t need to be a programmer or have software knowledge to have your own software line.

Rebrandable software is  already developed software you can rebrand to put your own name (or website name) as the author of the software, add your own logo, banners, and even link the software back to your own website. Rebrandable software appears to be your own creation and is 100% yours to do with as you please once you obtain it.
Rebrandable software is a niche internet business opportunity that is not widely used or known about, and is a great way to drastically increase your internet presence or start your own internet business. I will discuss the two most successful ways I have used rebrandable software to make tons of money on the internet, but the options are endless when you use your creative marketing mind.

The first way to profit from rebrandable software is sell it! Once you acԛuire your rebrandable software it is yours to do as you please. All you have to do is choose your product name, company name, and website name for your rebrandable software. Place it on your website and you are ready to sell. Rebrandable software will keep customers coming back to purchase more because it is your own product. your profit is 100% of every sale, not like affiliate marketing where you only get a small percentage. Wondering how to get people to your website to purchase the product? Add your software to Regnow or Regsoft, which are registration commerce providers that millions of customers search each month for software products. These companies have automatic processing areas that will email your software to the consumer once the purchase is complete.

The upside to selling rebrandable software is these products are all internet based, and are what I call buy now products, products that people are ready to immediately purchase.
The second most successful way of profiting from rebrandable software is through viral marketing. Provide your software free of charge in an e-book or through forums, newsletters, etc. Imagine giving a product away such as a spyware remover that contains your website, logo, and links back to your site. This is a great way to get free advertising and promote name recognition for your website. Find a rebrandable product that is relevant to your customer base. If you are selling turnkey websites, offer a free search engine submission software program, allowing people involved in the purchasing of turnkey websites the opportunity use your software for getting their site up and running. you could even offer the software with every purchase of a turnkey website you are selling, making your sale pitch that much better than the next guy.  There are so many different way you can make money with rebrandable software.

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