autoresponderIf you’ve been in internet marketing for 15 minutes, you’ve surely heard the phrase “The Money is in the List”. The next thing you’ve heard is that you simply have to have an autoresponder to grow your list, and then if you did any research you were confused with the number of choices you have for buying an autoresponder system .

Let me proceed by mentioning that the concept that the money is in the list is not exactly accurate (otherwise spammers would be the highest paid marketers!). In reality the money is in the value that you provide to your list, it is in the mutual relationship that you have with your list. In order to get this money into your pocket, you in fact need 5 things: a traffic source, a mechanism for prospects to join your list (sQUEEZE PAGE), a compelling REASOn WHy they should join your list (A FREE OFFER), a continuous stream of value that you give to the list, and ultimately a compelling offer that fulfills a burning need of your prospects.

I mainly wanted to discuss the actual autoresponder system that you should use and what you should look for in such a system, but keep in mind that your business is only going to be as strong as the weakest link in the chain, and you need all FIVE elements working together.

All of that being said, DOn’T let your autoresponder be the weakest link! If you look for a free autoresponder script, you can find something that will work on a small scale, but the delivery rate could be as low as just 20%! That means that literally 80% of all of your other efforts are completely wasted, and all because you tried to save $20 a month. If you are serious about your business, choosing to buy an autoresponder instead of using a free service is a no-brainer.

If you limit your choices down to just the top tier, industry praised companies, you’ll be left with just 3 or 4 choices. Further, when you look at the critical factors of deliverability, cost, ease of use, wide range of opt in form creation tools that are proven to convert, and tracking ability, that helps specify the choice even more. As an example of what I mean, infusionsoft is a highly respected service, yet many who are just starting out online would be hard pressed to pay $200 per month for such a service.

Also, look beyond just the basic autoresponder service. What other business communication tools does the company provide? As an example, one of my favorite services intergrates together with your blog, and functions as a newsletter by e-mailing subscribers when new blog entries are published. Without doing this and relying solely on RSS subscribers to your blog will unnecessarily reduce the potential traffic and fundamental interaction with your audience that you otherwise could have.

Autoresponders ARE critically important, but they aren’t simply a commodity either. They are an essential part of your business and should be treated that way. There is an entire science on how to use them most efficiently. Don’t think you can just grab any old autoresponder service, slap some code onto your blog, and see results from that. Select a service carefully, and just as important learn exactly HOW to use autoresponders with skill.

At Diamond Enterprises and we have tested the top 4 choices autoresponder services and Getresponce came out on top with Aweber tailing close behind.  From our research the advantages of Get Response are:

dynamic segmentation

action triggered messages

easier list management

time machine feature – email sent at designated time worldwide to recipients

better mobile apps

GetResponse is a feature-rich email marketing solution, fully scalable and capable of handling both small and very large lists (1 million+ subscribers). For over 10 years, it has provided us with easy-to-use, self-service applications and expert support for creating and managing email and video marketing campaigns, newsletters, and autoresponders that convert contacts into customers. Through responsible and fully automated list hygiene, anti-spam practices and established relationships with major Internet and Email Service Providers, GetResponse has maintained the highest possible deliverability standards for over a decade, ensuring the highest possible return on our email marketing investment.

That being said we highly recommend Getresponce as your Autoresponder service

If your strapped for cash both the top 2 autoresponder services have free trials

Take Action and make sales from your list!!! your autoresponder service will pay for itself

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