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The first step, before we can ever build a profitable website, is to figure out what the site is actually going to be about,  What is the purpose of the website? right? Then, we can go over the process of how you can choose the right topic for you, but now I want to discuss the basic factors we take into account when choosing our topic.

Our goal is to create one “niche” website. niche is a word that refers to a small, profitable corner of a market. This means that your site will be very specific and focused on one topic. your goal will be to dominate this “niche” or small area. Does that make sense? Let me give you an example.

you may have previously worked in law enforcement, you have an interest in this topic. Through the process outlined later, you decide that something within this area is the right topic for you. you don’t create a random website about law enforcement in general. no. you narrow it down to a very specific piece of law enforcement (a niche). Through your research (again, this is just off the top of my head), you may find that it would be best to make a website about the training process of becoming a police officer. now, THAT is a “niche”. If you were the #1 resource on that specific topic, it would be something that could be very profitable for many years to come.

So, you may be thinking “Why should I narrow it down so much? Wouldn’t it be better to go after the entire law enforcement industry?” If you are thinking that, I appreciate your optimism, but that just won’t work. Let me explain. If you do a Google search for Law Enforcement, it shows that there are 41 MILLIOn websites about that topic. But something like Law Enforcement Degree only has 16 million. Still a lot, but much less than Law Enforcement in general. Got that? This means that there is far less competition the more you narrow down your topic. And the less competition, the greater chance you have of dominating your topic. And dominating is what we are after.