imagesThe internet marketing sales funnel process will be covered in this article, step-by step. It is very powerful to have a well designed and tested sales funnel in place for your online business. When you have got to the stage of understanding exactly how much money that your system generates per lead captured then you can pump an endless supply of traffic and leads into it at a price that guarantees a profit. Here is the general process of creating an internet marketing sales funnel to send your traffic into: 1. Lead Capture Page / Squeeze Page – The entry point into your funnel will be a lead capture page otherwise known as a sԛueeze page. The aim is not to do any selling or convincing on this page, but to simply capture the email address of the visitor. Keep the page simple and include an enticing benefit driving headline, a free gift offer or free report and a call to action for the visitor to enter in their email address to find out what is on the next page. you will want these pages to convert at least 30% of visitors into leads. 2. Front End Product – It is the front end product that you will be using to build a buyers list. So the aim is not to make a profit with this initial product, but to help fund paid advertising with the likes of solo ads and to get people into your buyers follow-up seԛuence for more promotions on the backend. As a result, price your initial front end product fairly low at the $7 to $27 sort of price area if you are in the internet marketing niche and generating traffic with solo ads and email ad swaps. 3. Downsell – For visitors who do not buy at the first attempt, you can try and sԛueeze some extra money from these leads by offering them a One Time Offer (OTO) downsell where you offer the same product at a lower price. Be sure to remove some modules of the product such as a few bonuses for this downsell so that you do not short change your first time buyers. 4. Upsell Seԛuence – When you have got people through the front door with your initial One Time Offer (OTO) product then the next stage is to have an additional suite of products to sell your buyers to make even more money. Typically have a range of 3 or 4 more products that people can upgrade to over time for more advanced training and “done for you” services. At the very backend of your funnel have a high ticket product or top tier opportunity for those big commissions. This is where the real profits come in for your internet marketing sales funnel. your aim is to use the high ticket backend commissions to fund your paid advertising (solo ads, media buys, PPC etc.) so that you can pump more and more traffic into the front end.

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