By Garry Desmarais

We recently talked about three of our most expected internet marketing
trends for 2014, but when we got done, we realized there were more.  In
fact, there are A LOT more, but we’ll just keep it focused on the threes
for now since that’s a good number that is easy to digest.

With that said, here are three more internet marketing trends that we
fully expect to see take over the industry in 2014.

1.  Content isn’t King-Content Marketing Is

What’s the difference?  Who really cares?  Just know that content
marketing is going to smash your face in if you give it any guff!  Okay,
but for real.  Content marketing is about building trust, establishing
authority and using as many channels as possible to do this all through
content.  So in a nutshell, content is still king, but the thrones you
make it sit on are going to be even bigger, more complex and ultimately
the thing that you’ll be bowing down to.

Content marketing takes place in a few major places: social media
platforms, articles on a websites (blogs), enewsletters, videos and
guest blogs.  And yes, once again, this sounds like nothing all that
new-especially when you consider that this is really just about
reputation building and management inside of your industry-but you need
to pay close attention to it.  Even though it might just look like the
terms of the industry are changing, they are changing.  This means
subtle changes will come along with it if you aren’t paying attention.
Case in point-if you aren’t monitoring “content marketing”, you might
miss out on this article.  now, what if I were to tell you something
earth shattering next?  you’d miss out because you missed on the
industry change.

2.  Branching Out the Social Media

A few short years ago, the most common advice was to stick to the social
media platforms that were going to get you the most pull with your
target audience.  Of course, this was back when social media marketing
was still fairly new and just getting its feet wet.  now, social media
marketing machines are smooth, efficient operators, meaning that it’s
time to branch out in 2014.  It’s not enough to just be on Facebook,
Twitter and LinkedIn anymore.  you now need Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest
and surprisingly enough, Google+ which finally found its feet.

This is just another phenomenon that proves what we said about “content
marketing” being king, so get used to coming from all different angles.
If you aren’t out there on a social media platform, diversifying your
message, somebody else is.  And like we said in our first installment of
2014 marketing trends, since everyone is out there, simplistic messages
go a long way.  Don’t go overboard with your message, but do tailor it
to each social media platform.  nobody wants to see your Tweet pop up on
Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram at the same time with the same
thing-diversify in the fullest sense of the word!

3.  Images will Fully Engage

It’s become blatantly clear to anyone who follows the metrics and
insights on their Analytics and social media sites that pictures just
perform better.  This fits into our prediction about simplistic content,
because you’d need 1,000 words to describe just one picture-according to
the old adage of course.

Having something that can be instantly likable or sharable or
whatever-able is going to increase your reach in 2014.  And with the
rise of so many photo-centric sharing sites (Instagram, Tumblr,
Pinterest, etc.), it’s no wonder that even more sites are enjoying this

For marketers that want to succeed, the ears have to be down to the
ground right now, listening to the roar of the iPhone cameras as they
head your way.   your blogs need pictures and lots of them.  Of course,
don’t make them too distracting like so many of these foodie blogs do
nowadays-remember, local searches are hot and they’re all coming from
smartphones.  Use your pictures to break up text and emphasis important