Traffic generation or increasing web traffic, or online traffic driving plays a major role in generating the profits your business needs on the internet. My top traffic strategies in order of how I do them are as follows:

1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Article Marketing
3. Forum Posting
4. Viral Marketing
5. Building my list

number 1-4 they are all joined together to make step 5 a reality, while really step 5 is the most important.

Traffic generation is an ongoing process and thus requires an ongoing effort (but it doesn’t have to be from you, hell, outsource it). And in actuality, there is a one to one ratio pertaining to the targeted traffic that you get and the success that you see. So, if you want to increase your sales, then you must increase the number of people who sees and are interested in your offer, that’s why I have number 1-4 pushing people to number 5.

Internet business is just like a shop, the more people you get to it hopefully the more people you sell to, and the more your clients you will have.The more clients you are going to have, the more you will become successful in this money-making business. That’s fairly simple, isn’t it?

Though the tips mentioned above can be guaranteed to give the results positively, it will not function as you like if you do not get down to work, simple and straight forward. The truth of the matter is that the success you want is achievable if only you start working for it. So, don’t be fooled of these products claiming to generate massive traffic with just one click because in reality, there is no one button solution and the only way to ensure that you get the quality targeted traffic to your website is to focus on one or two of the following methods and work it as hard as you can.

If there was a push button solution dont you think I would be using it?