I have been hearing alot about this new FREE service (The Viral Secret) that helps you build your email list.  I have come across a lot of list builders that really work like Viralurl and ListJoe.  now The Viral Secret has popped up on the list building radar.  Is this list builder legit or is it just another service that claims to give you the world?

I joined The Viral Secret last week and I have to say that its not a bad product especially if you are a new beginner looking to builder your list for free.  In a weeks time I have generated about 70 leads to my list which is about 7 leads a day.  not to bad for a free list building service.

The Viral Secret is a service created by Russell Brunson which I’m not a real big fan but I have purchased a couple of his products like The 12 Month Internet Millionaire and Do you Suck At Making Money?  The concept is very interesting but if you look at the big picture he helps his guru friends as well as himself build their list first.  If you want to sign up you have to accept joining 6 other lists of other marketers.  The good things is you are not required to stay on their lists so you can unsubscribe at any time.  I will warn you that there is an up sell of $97 that will be presented to you but it is not required.  The up sell can benefit you in the long run if you decide to purchase it.  They provide alot of list building training with other marketing methods added as well.

The Viral Secret set up process is very simple if you decide to join.  The only requirement is too purchase Aweber unless you already have the service.  There are video tutorials that walk you thru the entire process.  you will shown how to setup your autoresponder and how to setup your Aweber list.  you will learn how to create follow up messages in your autoresponderand you will also learn how to market to build your list.

In my opinion The Viral Secret is a great way to build a list for free.  I wouldn’t use it as my only list building resource but it gets the job done.  If you are a beginner then I would recommend using it for starters.  If you get in now you should benefit from it (especially if the 6 guru’s advertise it to their huge lists.)