imagesIf you are looking for a way to market your product, you should try viral marketing on the web. This is the easiest way to get the word out about your product and in most cases, it doesn’t have to cost you any money. There are various ways of internet marketing on the web that you can use. you can use this type of marketing to create a brand, to sell a product or service or even get the word out about something that is important to you. Here are the various ways that you can market online for free:

Use Press releases

you can create press releases easily. They have to be under 300 words and have to have the name of the website in the title as well as a link to the website, but they can then be distributed to more than 25 different press release websites for free. Press releases should be something that gives new information about a business but is something that can be used in your favor as a free form of viral marketing.

Use social bookmarking sites

Instead of just hanging around the social bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumble Upon, get the word out about what is important to you by posting URLs and also by encouraging others to vote for your article or website by giving it a Digg or some other vote. Social bookmarking sites are easy to use and you only need an e-mail to sign up for one of these sites that will draw people to your article or website and help them spread the word to others.

Use social networking sites

Social networking sites are one of the best tools for viral marketing. Viral marketing is all about getting others to spread the word about your product or idea so it makes sense to use social networks such as MySpace and Facebook to spread the word. you can have a page and even post links to your site on your page for your friends to see. you can also post your links on your friends pages or walls.

Use social blogging sites

Social blogging sites will enable you to blog about anything that you want and also post links to other sites. They are like social networking sites only they concentrate more on blogging. They are free to use and can be used just like the social networking sites to draw traffic to your website and get others to spread the word about your service or product.

Use e-mail links

Send links to your friends and encourage them to send them to others. If you make your links attractive, you can get more people who will be interested in your product. E-mail is free and one of the best forms of viral marketing that you can use. Tell a few friend and encourage them to spread the word and watch how viral marketing works.

Viral marketing is the art of getting others to spread the word about your product, service or ideas. There is no better place than online to use viral marketing.