you read about blogging all over the internet, but what is blogging anyway? Everyone has opinions and information to share, and blogging is a great way to do it.  And even more importantly, you can actually make a great income just for posting your knowledge & opinions!

When it first started, blogging was a way for people to discuss different articles on websites, share links to additional information & just communicate with other people around the world that shared their interest.  Blogging grew in popularity and many people used blogs to share personal information like a sort of diary or journal.  Other people created informative blogs about certain niches that interested them, and now they are making some amazing money – some even bring in a full-time income!

People often become fans of a certain blog site with information they can use or that they just  enjoy reading.  They become loyal readers and will return again & again to read new posts from the writer.  This increased reader base & adding new content will cause the blog to rank higher with the search engines.  So what does that mean?  The higher your ranking in a search, the more people are able to find your site.  Every person that looks at your blog is a potential customer for the advertisers on your site.  As you can imagine, having a popular blog can bring in an amazing income!

now you have an idea of how it works & you have some ideas of things that you could blog about.  How do you know if that topic will be popular?  How do you get advertisers on your site?  How do you even create a website?  These are all good questions.  The truth is that not every topic will be popular.  If your site is not set up correctly, nobody will ever see your blog in a search.  If nobody sees your blog, you will not make any money.  This causes many people to just give up.

When I decided to try blogging, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  Thankfully, I found a site that helped me tremendously & kept me from making a lot of costly mistakes.  I found The niche Blogger membership site.  The membership cost is very low and there was reason for me not to try it.  I love the fact that Amy Bass, who created the site, is just like me – a mother who needed to earn some extra money & was looking for something she could do at home.

Amy learned a great method.  She makes it clear that anyone who follows all of the instructions will be able to make same income level she does, but it does not happen over night.

I highly recommend The niche Blogger for anyone who is interested in learning more about how to get started blogging.