pinterest-iconIn today’s world, social media has taken over! With a variety of different websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, youTube, even Google+, there are few people in the world who aren’t somehow involved with the new trend. It seems as though everyone is always looking for the newest and hottest social media phenomenon. And if you’ve hit this article, you’ve found the new phenomenon! It is called Pinterest. But what is Pinterest and who is it for? Let’s take a look at the who, what, when, why, and how of Pinterest to help you become more familiar with the latest social media trend.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest, the latest social phenomena to hit the masses, is a sharing platform in which you “pin” pictures to your board. The picture sharing site allows you to create categories of photographs, pin your pictures, and share them with other people. In addition to pinning pictures, you can also pin videos, share monetary gifts, and join discussion groups.

When would you use pinterest?

Initially, Pinterest began as a type of scrapbooking website in which users could post pictures of their family, pets, or vacation and share them with others. As such, it was seen as more of a spare time or hobby type website. However, as the platform began to grow, users started to see the potential that it really held. With new features included, individuals are now using Pinterest for a wide variety of things such as wedding planning, interior decorating, and even marketing.

Who uses Pinterest?

now that we have answered the ԛuestions “What is Pinterest?” and “When would you use Pinterest?”, let’s answer the question “Who uses Pinterest?” The answer to this question is simple – everyone and anyone. As stated previously, Pinterest started as a platform for everyday users who wanted to organize and share their pictures with the world. Since then, business owners have began to see the potential of the platform and are now using it to market their products and distribute their brand messages.

Why use Pinterest?

There are several different reasons that one might use Pinterest:

now that you know “What is Pinterest?”, who uses it, and why you would use it, there’s one final question to answer:

How do you use Pinterest?

It’s simple! Just head to the Pinterest website to learn how to set up an account.

So what is Pinterest? It is the latest social media trend, allowing account owners to share and browse through pinboards of pictures. Who uses Pinterest? Everyone! Why use Pinterest? For personal interest or to promote a business. How do you use Pinterest?

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